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It’s the old Host vs. Disease debate.  Are we really getting sick because of a virus, or bacteria that entered our body (disease)?  Or, do we get sick because WE (the host) have created such a toxic atmosphere inside our body that our immune system is spread too thin battling processed food, over caffeination, and alcohol/drug abuse.  

An interesting fact is that some doctors and specialists in the field are actually classifying Cancer as a metabolic disease.  They are in effect saying that it is brought on by the host (you) and what you have been feeding it (your food choices).  This makes perfect sense because food is the greatest drug around.  Imagine what a triple fudge sundae can do to change the chemical makeup of the body as compared to a chicken breast?  Imagine the hormone activation of the sugar, fat and salt combination in the sundae.  Cancer’s #1 fuel is sugar; excessive amounts of caffeine, sugar and alcohol promote an acidic environment that allows any cold virus to thrive.  The food we eat either programs the genes in our body to fight disease, or make friends with it.  

There are very few times my pride as a nutritionist shines through as when I talk about not remembering the last time I had a cold or flu.  I used to be the guy who started sweating as soon as I heard there’s a new bug going around because that usually meant I was going to get it.  My average cold schedule was around 4-5 times a year.  I now have not been sick in over 10 years.

The caveat with these immune system products is efficacy.  How do I really KNOW they are working?  A part of the answer is a boost in energy and well being.  The other part of the answer is well, you don’t.  Since no one is keeping score how many illnesses have been defeated since taking these products, the only score you can count on will be zero, which is hopefully the number of times you continue to get sick.  

The following products are continuously used by myself on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and cover every aspect of immune health from cell replication, to digestive health, to alkalinity.  They are all very long lasting and relatively inexpensive and I don’t see any reason why someone who truly wants to achieve better health would not want to keep all of these in their arsenal.  Read through the product descriptions below to see which is best for you, and download the free PDF so you know how to optimize your doses!

Why you need Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton
Sea life has the ability to absorb the nutrients that the sun and the sea provide.  This phytoplankton is made with the purest ingredients in a lab so we get all of the benefits without ANY of the pollution.  Here is just some of the benefits:

  • Removes oxidative stress
  • Repairs DNA damage
  • Promotes cellular health
  • Promotes liver health
  • Restores crucial neurochemicals for better sleep

My first experience with Oceans Alive I used it as a cleanse taking it three times per day.  The results were astounding.  I had repeated headaches, shifts in mood and energy, some acne, and my bowel movements were significantly increased as my body was eliminating a serious amount of toxins.  After three months (I used 9 bottles) I now just have one serving a day mixed with cold water first thing in the morning and I’m feeling more amazing than I did prior to utilizing this product.   

Why You Need Plant Based Enzymes
The simple fact is that our body produces enzymes to help digest our food.  Raw food needs little to no enzymes, but cooked food needs large amounts which our body willingly will provide at a huge cost though.  That cost is the LENGTH of our life!  Science shows the more enzymes our body has to produce, the shorter our life span will be.  Science also shows that 80% of our immune system resides near the small intestine.  The enzymes will help your immune system focus on defeating disease, rather than poorly digested food.  I take one capsule prior to a cooked food meal, two if I carb load.

Why You Need to Take Vitamin D3 Everyday
We need to forget the fact that our skin makes Vitamin D from the sun.  If you read my book, you’ll know that’s not enough, and Vitamin D actually acts like a hormone in our body.  It’s responsible for telling over 100 gene expressions in your body what to do.  Low levels of Vitamin D harm our soft tissue, our immune system, our heart, and have been shown to increase our risk of cancer.  Taking it provided a huge boost in energy, and what’s more important is the capsules deliver the Vitamin D in coconut oil which helps absorption because Vitamin D is a fat-soluble Vitamin.

Why You Need to Take Apple Cider Vinegar 
My journey to immune system health began with this product, and if there was only one product I could take with me on a deserted island, this would be it.  Fermented foods are natures antibiotics, and I highly recommend utilizing them with every meal.  It’s pure, it’s fermented, it’s as close to a silver bullet for health as you can get.  Don’t be fooled by imitators, Bragg’s is the originator and the only one I trust.  Download the PDF at the top of this page to learn how to properly use this product!

Why You Should Be Taking Silver Daily
After an interesting article that came across my desk I decided to look into colloidal silver and give it a try.  The history of it is interesting.  Silver was used for many things a long time ago, from cleansing dirty water in a well, to keeping fresh milk from spoiling.  The problem was that if you consumed too much, your skin would turn blue and this was irreversible.  The FDA deemed it dangerous, then doctors stopped prescribing it, and POOF!  It vanished.  

Enter the age of nano technology.  Colloidal silver products are back and better than ever.  The silver I recommend has a particle size of .8 nanometers which ensures absorption AND elimination.  No blue skin here.  

Silver is LETHAL to harmful bacteria and viruses, yet leaves healthy cells and tissue alone.  It does this by binding to sulfur on bacteria cell walls rendering the bacteria unable to feed itself.  Silver essentially starves these harmful organisms and they die without affecting our health.  That was enough information for me to religiously take it every day! 

Why Dr. Gundry’s Products?

There are people with an agenda and people on a mission. I feel those with an agenda are subjective, while those on a mission are objective. Dr. Steven Gundry is a man with a mission. His research is objective and he only wants the very best version of yourself to be available to those around you. His line of products are second to none when it comes to boosting the immune system and you will notice an incredible difference in how you think, act, and feel when taking them. He only uses the purest of ingredients and everything is lectin, and gluten free !

Why Hepatoven?

I have so many people tell me about these amazingly complicated liver cleanses.  Eat this, boil that, juice till your head fall off, the drink olive oil till your bowels fall out.  I have gotten amazing liver cleanse results from these hepatoven pills and I’m sure you will too. Simple, easy to take, and very effective!


Why A Prebiotic?

Prebiotic’s are a concentration of your own healthy gut bacteria.  Probiotics on the other hand are just a concentration of healthy gut bacteria.  This is why I choose prebiotic’s overtime because they are more targeted to help your own digestive system!


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