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Not only is the quality of what we put in our body important, but also what we put ON our body.  Our skin is the largest organ we have and will absorb EVERYTHING if given a chance.  Due to that fact, I limit the amount of plastic I eat and drink from, and I also limit the amount of toxins in my toiletries.  Keep reading to get a clearer picture of what I’m talking about. 

Dr. Bronner’s
Anything made by this company has nothing but your utmost health in mind when it is being produced.  Their soaps can be used as an all in one to clean anything from your car to your clothes to your beautiful head of hair.  They use only oils so there are no perfumes or harsh abrasives and every product smells amazing.  I have been searching for a long time for fluoride free natural toothpaste that didn’t taste horrible and Dr. Bronner’s did it!

Primal Paste
Ever wonder what aluminum and zinc are doing in your deodorant?  I did a long time ago, and so did some other companies.  I have tried a lot of organic/natural deodorant and they all smell great going on, but TERRIBLE as I started to sweat!  Primal paste makes an amazing product. They contain no harsh chemicals and one application lasts all day.  Heads up though, if you buy the deodorant in a jar, be prepared to use your finger to apply it!  

Herbal Choice Mari Organic Hair Spray
Hair spray is another common toiletry that we take for granted when we think of chemical additives.  I always thought hair spray had to be chemicals in order for it to work.  This product totally proved me wrong.  It even comes in a glass jar!  I gave it a shot based off of the reviews and even though I don’t use hair spray every day, this stuff never lets me down and put me at ease when I do use it.    

Dryer balls
These wool dryer balls eliminate the need for chemically perfumed dryer sheets.  They also dry your clothes fast which will save you time and money if you’re using a commercial dryer.  These little guys are amazing and provide an easy, healthy option for those wanting to switch. If you have or use essential oils, you can infuse the wool balls with them to make your clothes smell amazing!

BmBu Natural Tooth Brush
Ever think about the plastic in your tooth brush being a problem?  Me neither until I saw these natural wonders!  Ok, it may be a little over the top, but the cost is low and they feel really cool. Anywhere I can eliminate plastic in my life I am doing it.

Glass Drinking Jars
Do me a favor.  Grab all of your plastic drinking cups, especially the ones you drink hot beverages out of and throw them in the garbage!  BPA is not a mystery anymore, we know the hazards of it and we need to eliminate it from our kitchens.  Water tastes so much better in a glass jar too!

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