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For years I thought sleep was just something your body did naturally.  Boy was I wrong.  Some nights I would sleep great, some nights were just OK, and then there were nights that I would toss and turn and wake up 6-8 times with growing irritation.  I exercised, I ate well, I only drank one cup of coffee, and worked between 8-12 hours a day.  Every night I was EXHAUSTED, yet my sleep was highly irregular, so what gives?  It turns out that sleep can be an art form.  And It seems that for the best sleep, you actually should prep your body to sleep, put it in a position to sleep, and actually give it minerals to help it sleep.  Keep reading and you’ll learn all about this below! 

Ease Magnesium
Ease magnesium is one of those life changing products for me.  It turns out we are ALL deficient in magnesium and this deficiency causes interrupted sleep among other things.  I started out with capsules but they stopped working after a couple months.  Then I tried a spray that worked better, but it made me and  anyone I recommended it to itchy.  My research then led me to Ease and I have been a loyal user ever since.  Spray it on sore and achy muscles or joints and be prepared for the most restful nights sleep ever.  Magnesium will help elevate your mood and energy levels too, I can’t stress the necessity of this product for sleep, and overall health and wellness. 

Binaural Beats
Binaural beats works by introducing different frequencies of sound in each ear, thus producing a third frequency detected by your brain which helps to calm it and prepare it for sleep.  They have been around for quite some time now and have been a natural 
remedy to help people suffering from narcolepsy, and for those who want an extra good nights sleep!

Sleep Inducing Mats
Stemming from traditional Chinese medicine, these mats work using acupressure on meridians (a special network of nerves in the body) to help stimulate blood flow and get the body to destress and relax.  The Bulletproof model has really stiff plastic spikes, and the Nayoya has softer plastic spikes for those who are a little more sensitive.   This is a very unique piece of equipment and is not for those seeking a normal relaxation massage.  If you are looking to improve your sleep and decrease back pain in the process this is well worth the low cost and can save you thousands of dollars at the doctor or other Western medicine alternatives!

The benefits of melatonin are too great to list in this small detail.  The main benefit is it being a serious cancer fighter.  The problem is that melatonin is only released during sleep, specifically in a pitch-black room, and not too many of us sleep in that great of darkness.  While supplemental melatonin is not an exact substitute for what we make naturally, it can help get deeper sleep if you are having trouble on the short term.  Don’t take too much, less is more, and do NOT become dependent on this product.  I like to use it when traveling to help adjust to new time zones, or if I had a couple days straight of interrupted sleep (which rarely if at all happens anymore).  One bottle may last you a VERY long time. 

The Earth Pulse and Earthing Sheets
Not too many people are aware that the Earth has an electromagnetic field that our bodies feed off of to help balance our energy.   This technique is aptly called Earthing.  We get the most impulses when we are barefoot on the sand, soil, or in the sea.  Think about how wasted you get from being at the beach, about how good you sleep that night!  The problem with most of us is we are constantly wearing shoes, or in cars which block this energy from being absorbed due to the rubber insulating it.  This is why being barefoot is necessary.  The company Earth Pulse has created a device that mimics the Earth’s electromagnetic field and allows you to absorb these impulses while you sleep!  It’s a bit pricey, but will pay you back dividends in the quality of sleep you get, the enhanced recovery of muscular soreness, and reduced health care costs!    

8 Steps to a PAIN-FREE BACK
Ester Gokhale set out to help cure the world of insidious back pain, and instead enhanced my ability to sleep!  I read this book after reading a fantastic article and being in the health and wellness field decided it would be great for continuing my education.  To my surprise Gokhale describes the reason why most of us sleep restlessly is because we do not put our body in an adequate position to sleep!  I have been using her methods ever since and now feel more rested upon waking, and sleep soundly through the night!  

UDO’s Oil
I’ve come across a couple of people who have hunger problems before and during sleep.  Taking a couple tablespoons of UDO’s oil before bedtime (based on your bodyweight) helps regulate your blood sugar and blunt hunger so you can sleep.  The benefits of this oil do not stop there and are immense.

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar 
As stated on other parts of this site, a sip of Braggs before bed can be a silver bullet of health.  Apple cider vinegar competes with any sugar in your blood stream for your insulin receptors.  This will help regulate your blood sugar and help you sleep.  I take a sip every night no matter what and can not stress the importance of this amazingly nutritional gift.

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