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I didn’t start drinking coffee till I was 28 years old.  I made it through High School, College, and Graduate School without one drop.  Maybe that’s why I wasn’t exactly a pinnacle student.  Most people use coffee as a necessity, I like to use it as a catalyst and a convenience.  

Most people ask what I have for breakfast and when I tell them coffee they just laugh.  If you follow my recipe below however, you’ll understand why.  It’s about 500 calories with ZERO Sugar!  It’s full of protein (collagen), fat (grass fed butter, and coconut milk), caffeine (an appetite suppressant), antioxidants (naturally found in all coffee), and nootropics (brain enhancers).  While most breakfasts put you to sleep, mine supercharges your soul for the remainder of the day!  

Your 6-Hour Coffee Recipe!

When done right, this coffee recipe should leave you full for about 6 hours. I usually start consuming mine at 7 am, and don’t eat lunch until 1pm. I want you to seriously consider the quality of the coffee that you consume. If you put something in your body everyday, it need to be void of any toxins or mold to avoid overexposure to such things. I have tested many different coffees and I can assure you they are not all the same. The Kimera Koffee and Upgraded coffee I recommend are the two best in my opinion. I understand the whole ambiance of the coffee shop and the social implications of “going for coffee” and I’m not saying you should stop any of that. If I go out for coffee I bring along my own coconut milk so I’m not consuming the processed fat free coconut milk coffee shops usually serve up. Having said that, going out for coffee is few and far between for me because the coffee that I make at home truly trumps everything else. I enjoy the entire process from beginning to end because I can FEEL the difference in health between my product and theirs. I hope after a few days, you feel the same!

1. Boil water on the stove.

2. Put two tablespoons per 8oz of coffee you plan on consuming in your French press.  I usually make a 16oz coffee every day so this constitutes 4 scoops for me.

3. After water boils, let it cool a second till the water stops bubbling and then pour into French press.  Let it brew for 7 minutes minimum.

4. While coffee is brewing put 2 tablespoons of grass-fed Kerrygold unsalted butter, one to two tablespoons of Brain Octane (or XCT oil), one tablespoon of Native Forest Coconut milk from the can, and one tablespoon of Collagen, or Collagelatin in your Oster glass jar blender. Shake some Ceylon cinnamon in there to taste and also add one teaspoon of the Four Sigmatic mushroom blend.

5. When coffee is done brewing pour in the blender and blend for 20- 30 seconds.

6. Serve in a glass jar, or stainless steel travel mug and ENJOY!


Why Kimera Koffee?
Since coffee is something I put in my body every day without fail I only use what I consider to be the best of the best.  Yes I realize it’s more than $6 a pound, but I like my coffee to be of the highest quality.  

There is a highly noticeable effect on your mental clarity when using this coffee.  I also really enjoy the  chocolaty smell, and the super smooth taste.  I don’t use this coffee everyday so my body and brain does not adapt as quickly to the Nootropics.

Why Upgraded Coffee?
Dave Asprey markets his coffee as being almost free of mycotoxins and tells us that the crash we experience with other coffee’s is due to their high toxin count.  Dave then came under fire from other companies stating that their coffee’s were free from mycotoxins as well so I did a test.

One weekend, I tested 3 different types of coffee and made bulletproof coffee with them and here were my results:

Brand name coffee from my supermarket $9.99 – Good tasting, moderate energy, moderate froth after blending butter and brain octane.

Coffee from nearby gas station $1.09 – Tasted terrible, no energy, little to no froth after blending butter and brain octane.

Upgraded coffee – Very good tasting, lots of energy, and major froth after blending butter and brain octane.

To me, the results were clear and that is why I still buy it to this day.

Why Brain Octane?
People always want to know if this is the same thing as MCT Oil and the answer is no.  While it is derived from coconut oil like MCT oil is, Brain Octane is caprylic acid and actually enhances brain function and is also a potent antifungal that kills Candida cells, as well as restoring your stomach acidity to its normal levels.

I use it on most days, but because it is a catalyst of sorts, I try not to abuse it and become tolerant.  Start off with a teaspoon per day as this stuff is powerful!  

Why Fat Fuel Packets?
This is purely for travel reasons.  I take mine when I go on trips and although it is not the EXACT same as making the real thing, it is a way better substitute than hotel coffee or paying $5 for a cup elsewhere.

Place coffee and mix in a BPA free shaker cup for best results!

Why Bulletproof Collagelatin, Marine Collagen, and Great Lakes Collagen?
Long story short is I held out on using this product because of the cost, and all that did was cost me more pain.  Two days was all it took of using this product and my little aches and pains subsided.  Collagen and gelatin restore plasticity to ligaments, tendons and bones.  Both are largely absent in our diet and these products solve that issue.  Adding it to your coffee makes it super creamy and somewhat addicting.  I switch off between this and Great Lakes collagen and still get great results.

The older you are (35 years +) the more you need this product.

Why Four Sigmatic Mushroom Blend?

Mushrooms kill cancer on contact in a petri dish.  That is not a lie. Now it acts a little differently in the human body, but the medicinal benefits of more mushrooms in your life are can not be dismissed. This blend helps boost cognitive function, immune function, and helps the body adapt to stress. If you do not suffer from any of those, I sure hope that rock you live under is cozy. I primarily use this on days when I write and it helps me focus and formulate my thoughts a lot better. Give it a shot and you’ll probably make it a fixture in your home as I have!

Why Kerrygold Butter?
Kerrygold butter is made from grass fed cows and is the ONLY butter recommended to be used in making Bulletproof coffee.

Why Use a French Press and Buy This Specific Blender?
Plastic is no good for anyone.  When plastic is heated, it will leech into your food or drink.  When plastic is heated and the contents has oils in it, the oils will bind with the plastic even easier.  Because coffee has natural oils in it we want it to touch only glass and metal to keep the plastic out of our body.  This means NO plastic coffee makers, and NO plastic blenders since we are also adding oil and butter to our coffee.  I tracked down a great French press and an all glass/stainless steel blender to side step these issues.

Why Native Forest Coconut Milk?
In my opinion this is the best tasting coconut milk.  I buy it in bulk and use it in my coffee and as a dairy substitute.  Do NOT buy the coconut milk in the cartons in supermarkets, or the coconut creamers.  They are highly processed and manufacturers strip all of the healthy fats out of them, which makes them worthless!

Why Ancient Organics Ghee?
Ghee is an absolutely amazing resource to have in your kitchen at all times.  Not only can you cook with it, but I like to switch off adding it to my coffee from time to time.  The process of making ghee burns off impurities found in butter and may make it a better alternative for those with dairy sensitivities.  This stuff is truly amazing!

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