BPL3: Myofascial Release Exercises with Chris Kidawski

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In this episode, the second half of the interview with Chris Kidawski, we go a little deeper into myofascial relief techniques.

Last time we left off with Chris telling us how myofascial release is a kind of re-programming process for better and pain free movement and posture.

For BPL: 3, Chris goes more into the detail of the process; starting with how applying pressure to painful tense muscles works in practice.

Excerpts from the Show

  • My goal is to help as many people get out of pain as possible
  • I want you to get out of that pain. I want you to get on with your life, love your life. Not only you, but everyone around you, will be happier because of it.

Myofascial Release and Movement

  • All it takes is a little bit of work.
  • The greatest case scenario that I’ve ever encountered is a lady that has had back pain for 25 years. We took care of her, within 3 months she was pain free.
  • Pain is part of the process. We need to get a little bit uncomfortable.

When flexors flex, extensors should extend.

-Ida Rolf


The Book

  • I wrote it for the general population.

Chris’s book:

The Back Pain Bible: A Breakthrough Step-By-Step Self-Treatment Process To End Chronic Back Pain Forever

Is available now on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

Inner Game

  • Become more positive – there is a solution out there for you.
  • I meditate for about an hour every day.
  • Negative thoughts create negative emotions which create tight muscles. If you feel that the situation is dire and that it can never be cured, guess what, it’s never going to be cured.
  • To me, it begins with the mind.
  • Emotional pain is very closely tied to muscular pain.


  • The breath is what we really want to focus on.
  • Control the breath.
  • The breath provides a feedback loop to our brain, and ultimately our nerves and our muscles, saying ‘Hey Dude, this is a good kind of pain’.

On Surgery

  • Exhaust all other methods before you even start to entertain that.

Today’s Guest

Strength coach, fitness pro and healer Chris Kidawski.




Christopher J. Kidawski



The Book

The Back Pain Bible: A Breakthrough Step-By-Step Self-Treatment Process To End Chronic Back Pain Forever




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