Alex Jeffreys Review

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One of the biggest challenges I face as an entrepreneur with a very specific skill set is finding leads particular to my niche. The online world is a very big place and Alex and his Coaching with you team have helped me cast my net further and further into this really deep pond.  Victor Glez and his team of professionals develop some pretty amazing funnels. There’s a big difference between trying to market a funnel that looks like your 6 year old put together, and a funnel that is professionally done.  Since that is the initial point of contact with your customers, you definitely want it to look pretty and I must say, his designs are exactly that.

The high ticket selling system membership site has multiple pieces of gold laying all around it.  From figuring out who your target market is to the psychology of getting them to buy, Adam and Alex leave no bases unturned.  Now you may be thinking, “But is it sleazy or slimy?” And I would have to let out a resounding NO! These are two seasoned professionals, not tricksters. They teach you how to approach people with knowledge and respect, not smoke an mirrors. They say if you can help people, we can help you get clients and that to me shows they are operating from a point of integrity which should be the foundation of every business out there but unfortunately just is not the case.  The modules are well thought out and easy to traverse. You can download the videos, read a transcript if you prefer, and download the mind maps they present as an added bonus.  A lot of time and effort was put into these videos and the pride in their knowledge and what they have accomplished in their life as business owners really shines through. There is not a single boring video in there, and many of them I have watched multiple times.

Working with Alex one on one via recorded video is probably the biggest highlight of the entire program. You get feedback almost immediately after you need it and he exhausts every angle and gives real world examples to answer your question as thoroughly as possible.  You can tell it’s his absolute joy to serve you in this respect as the answers he exhibits in the video are nothing void of deep thought, yet come across as simple and concise. I enjoy his views on the universe and setting intention as I can very closely relate to this way of thinking.

The books that have been recommended by Alex and his cohorts have been worth the price of admission alone. These people are true businessmen who aim to make an honest living providing value for their customers. With so much fluff out there, I have bought into several program that were just information, without any application. Alex and Adam are all about teaching you how to apply what they have learned so you don’t spend the next 3 years trying to figure out something they can teach you in 28 seconds. For further information on how this system has helped others please visit 


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